Ep 97- Polio is a Man-Made Disease: Part 3

There are at least three ways that mankind causes paralytic polio. I explain two of them in this video – they are little known concepts but most doctors reluctantly agree on them.

Greetings inquisitive minds. Forrest Maready here, and I’m in the middle of explaining how polio is a man-made disease. This is part 3 where things really start to get interesting. If you haven’t seen the previous two videos, go back and watch those because there is some really crucial information you need to hear before listening to this one. In those videos, we learned how polio couldn’t be caused by a sudden genetic shift in humans or by a sudden virus mutation. So we know it was an environmental cause- we’re just trying to understand what. Medical treatments and pesticide spraying were causing everyone, including animals, to become sick, even paralyzed. They called this “polio” because they didn’t understand what was going on. But something else started to happen. The three polioviruses actually started to cause problems. They started paralyzing people. Why?