Ep 96- Polio is a Man-Made Disease: Part 2

If polio couldn't have started paralyzing in the late 1800s because of a genetic shift or viral mutations, what was it? How might "modern medicine" of the time contributed to early cases of polio?

Forrest Maready here, and this is the second video in a series where I’m explaining how polio is not a naturally occurring disease, but in fact is a man-made disease. In the previous video, I talked about how polio never existed until the 1800s. I showed you how polio couldn’t have suddenly appeared because of an abrupt genetic change- That would have required thousands of humans from different countries all over the world to have expressed the same genetic shift. We also talked about how there’s no way THREE different polioviruses could have mutated at the SAME TIME in a way they all caused the SAME SYMPTOMS. Because of this, we know that polio is a man-made disease. The question is – If polio is a man-made disease, what did we MAKE that caused polio?