Ep13– The Forrest Maready Show: "The Total State," a new book from Me!, Vaccine Updates, & Full Circle Moments

Starting at 9pm EST, May 25th, Episode 13 of The Forrest Maready show should be playing, streaming, and otherwise doing damage to those who are afraid of the truth directly below. I'll be giving my summary, review, and critique of Auron MacIntyre's new book, The Total State. I also want to go over what's happening in vaccine land with things and talk about the third "full-circle" moment I've experienced in my life.

I wanted to let you know about something else I'm super excited about—the new book I've been talking about for a few weeks now is officially available. It's called "Maready's Emergency Almanac" and it's huge—600 pages—and available now through my store and on Amazon.

You can read up on the book, including a complete Table of Contents on this special site I made just for the book: emergencyalmanac.com.

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