Ep 82- The DTaP Shot Gets This Thing Very Wrong!

No wonder the DTaP Shot doesn't work very well- it causes this one very big problem in your body when it comes to dealing with Whooping Cough infections.

The Pertussis vaccine presents a really interesting example of how vaccines are inferior to natural infection. During a pertussis infection, the bacteria releases several toxins, one of them extremely clever and is called ACT. ACT tricks your immune system into thinking nothing is wrong for about 14 days. This gives the infection a two-week head start before your immune system figures out what's really going on. During that time, the infection has time to get a solid foothold. Eventually your immune system catches on, and is able to develop protection against ACT. That's a good thing, because the NEXT time you get a Pertussis infection, your body will be prepared and the ACT sneak attack won't work. The NEXT time you get an infection, it can be cleared easily because that two-week grace period is now gone.