Ep78- Vaccines for my Fetus? No thanks!

If you're pregnant and thinking of getting the TDaP vaccine, you might want to watch this video and reconsider.

I want to tell you something amazing about your baby's brain. Like their immune system, your baby's brain is also still forming, particularly in the last trimester and even first two years of life. Early on, the brain actually over-develops neural connections. There are too many of them. Towards the end of gestation, there's a huge spike in an amino acid called glutamate and some other proteins which cause the brain to start pruning some of these connections. It's refining the architecture of your baby's brain. Normal levels of glutamate are healthy and necessary. Too much of them, and they start cutting things off. This is an incredible process that is poorly understood but somehow you and the baby growing inside you can work out just how much to prune. It's an incredibly delicate operation. It continues even into the first year or two of their life. That spike in glutamate is perfectly timed and controlled for your baby's life.