Ep 106- The One Chart that made me Anti-Vax

I was very pro-vaccine until I saw this one chart. Either it was fake or everything I thought I knew about vaccines was wrong.

For those of you dabbling in the dark arts of natural health and anti, skepti or hesi-vaccination, I want to tell you about how I came to be a full-fledged anti-vaxxer. I am not a skepti or hesi-vaxxer but full blown anti. I didn’t start that way – like many people I was pro-vaccine. I never got a flu shot – there was always something fishy to me about a yearly shot that sometimes seemed to work and other times made you feel like you’d eaten a bowl too much of Outback Steakhouse’s Chocolate Thunder from Down Under. But other than that, when my wife and I had a kid, there was no doubt in my mind our child was 1) riding home from the hospital in an unmarked Ford Police Interceptor, and 2) going to be fully vaccinated.