Ep 92- The Science is Settled!

You''ll be amazed how even the most trivial vaccine science is argued over by pro-vaccine doctors!

The science is settled on vaccines. That's what they tell us. What does that actually mean? There once was a debate about whether the small pox vaccine even prevented small pox. The debate was raging so violently that the vaccine inventor himself, Edward Jenner, switched the formula from a cow pox source to another disease called Horse grease. But that killed his first patient, so he switched back to the cow pox and said "the science is settled, cow pox vaccine prevents small pox." I'm perfectly willing to accept that a cow pox infection could prevent a small pox infection- even though to my knowledge there has never been another animal-associated virus used to prevent a human virus (I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong), I could still accept it as one of those freak accidents of nature. Molecular mimicry or something like it. But the science being settled on that- never. You can go to Wikipedia right now- look up the Vaccinia virus and you will see all kinds of phrases like "The most common notion is…", and "Speculation is that…" and "Although the issue remains contentious…" Small pox and the vaccine that "Eradicated" it, is full of all kinds of unsettled debates that people argue about to this day.