Ep 83- Like A Boss: AntiVaxxer Mom & Whooping Cough

Check out how an anti-vaxxing mom deals with Whooping Cough compared to the rest of the world. Like a boss is how she deals with it!

I wanted to wrap up this quick series about Whooping Cough and the Pertussis vaccine by taking a look at a story of what happened to a family when their 3 kids caught Whooping Cough. You've probably heard me say over and over that most anti-vaxxers are educated, affluent families who spend a lot of time researching vaccines and disease. I'm going to use this story to make the inverse point. MOST, not all, but MOST vaccinating parents are typically ignorant about disease and vaccines. They leave it up to the doctors to tell them what to do and are clueless when it comes to immunizations. And unfortunately MOST, but not all, doctors and nurses are similarly ignorant.