Ep 66- Did the W.H.O. Just Admit Zika was a Hoax?

Take a listen to what the World Health Organization admitted to during their most recent Zika press release! I was speechless.

The announcement: http://www.who.int/emergencies/zika-v...

You may have seen in the past few days that the World Health Organization (WHO?) made a HUGE announcement about Zika. If you've seen any of my other videos on Zika, you'll know by now that I'm convinced Zika had nothing or very little to do with the outbreak of birth defects seen in Northeastern Brazil a year or so ago. It was something or some other things that caused it. I have an INCREDIBLE opinion on what it actually was, but am exercising INCREDIBLE restraint and will not reveal it until I am absolutely sure my opinion is suitably INCREDIBLE.