Ep 64- Dr. Offit Comes Off The Rails

After losing his temper over a simple question, I think a little context and a message of hope for Dr. Paul Offit (poster boy for vaccine-users the world over) is in order.

Hey Dr Offit-
Seems like your feathers got a little ruffled yesterday before the Confronting Vaccine Resistance conference on Monday. Someone asked you if you wanted to be interviewed regarding your beliefs about vaccination, and well let's just say, your response isn't going to win you any Nobel prizes. I wouldn't let this whole thing get to you, though. We've all had those days when you're trying to polish off some croissants and orange juice when THAT GUY whose son was paralyzed from a vaccine shows up and asks you a question. ANNOYING! I know just how you feel. I would be TICKED OFF, too. I'd probably tell them to get the fuck out of my face, too.