Ep 60- Mysterious Polio-like Illness Solved!

The cause of the mysterious polio-like illness going around the Western parts of the United States has been solved. But not by me.

You may have seen or heard about some mysterious polio-like illness going on in the Western parts of the United States. It happened last year about this time, and so far this year 50 or so people, mostly children have been stricken with it and become paralyzed. In Seattle a 6-year old boy died from this illness. Marcella Piper-Terry has been covering this situation like a hawk, and if you don't follow her on Facebook or Twitter, you should. I'm going to break down what she's been researching and add some of my own thoughts to this situation, because we may be seeing the beginning of another "polio" epidemic, and I have to quote "polio" because if you've seen some of my other videos on polio, you'll know that back then, like now, they had no idea what was going on. They were guessing. Like now. Comforted? No.