Ep 58- Organic Vaccines? WTF!?

Are you a health nut? Crazy about organic foods & Berkey water filters? Is there such a thing as organic vaccines? I'm guessing you already know the answer.

Are you a health nut? Crazy about organic foods? I know I am not. No matter how healthy you think you are, there's always somebody a little more cray-cray than you. These people scare me. I'll give you a glimpse into my healthy habits. I try to play tennis a few times a week. I ride my dog 3 miles on THE bike every day (I say THE bike, because I don't have a bike- it's my wife's bike and I ride it more than she does. I also break it more than she does apparently. I also say THE car because I don't have my own vehicle. I drive a borrowed truck when I can't drive my wife's THE car. I'd say this is kind of like a Humble Brag, except it's not. One day, when I hit the big time, I'm going to have a bike of my own, and a car of my own, and our bathrooms will have electrical outlets and our bed will have a headboard and my wife will point at me, click her cheeks and say, "That's why I married you!" Until then, it's shoulder rubs and Journey covers.