Ep 50- Thinning the Herd

Did you know the Herd Immunity theory doesn't apply to many diseases or vaccines? Found out which ones!

Thinning the herd. The Herd immunity herd. This is episode 50 and yes, this is a new shirt. My wife bought it for me, and I think that it is actually name brand. A special treat for me and my fashionista ways. Love that name-brand clothing. It just feels nicer. If you can't tell, it's a light grey with an off-white subtle plaid running the length of the garment. I now have 2 shirts I can choose between, depending upon my mood, or subject matter. Grey = Herd Immunity and pissed off for now. My son and I are going to celebrate episode 50 by riding around the neighborhood with no helmets and smoking candy cigarettes. I can not wait for the disapproval!