Ep 45- Mississippi Madness: Medical Exemptions

You won't believe what a Mississippi mother had to go through to get her ailing son a medical exemption from vaccines. Unconcerned about mandatory vaccines taking over the country? Confident medical exemptions are the right approach to handling exceptions? I'm Forrest Maready and this is my incredible opinion.

Today I'm going to tell you a quick story from the trenches. I did another one of these stories a while back (Episode 24 I believe) about an incredible mom and her fight against a hospital and social workers who were trying to force her newborn baby to have the ridiculous Hepatitis B shot. This story is about another incredible mother. She and her family live in Mississippi, where unsafe and ineffective vaccines are mandatory if you want your children to be able to attend public school. Like many of us before our "conversions", she was unexposed to how common vaccine side effects are, and was blissfully unaware they posed any danger to her children.