Ep 41- Three Things that may be causing Autism

Most parents say that vaccines caused their children's Autism. What 3 other things might they have overlooked?

Do you know what fracking is? It's a newer way of extracting oil out of the earth. In the old days, like Beverly Hillbillies era, oil oozed out of the ground. We could dig wells and get to larger reservoirs, get it out faster, but we've used much of that oil up. So there's a new technique. It's more expensive than the old timey ways, but when the price of oil gets high enough, this technique becomes worth it. High-pressured water, sand and other additives are injected into shale rock formations, fracturing them in such a way that oil, and sometimes natural gas can be extracted from places you'd never be able to just drill a hole and have something come gushing out.