Ep 40- Leeches, Maggots & Sh#t​

The WHO was forced to release a 44-page to help deal with "vaccine deniers." Why is a 200-year old medical practice falling out of favor with so many affluent, educated people?

Link to the WHO report: http://bit.ly/2bjxumV

We've spent this week going through some articles of by vaccine addicts, snowflake scientists and people with their heads in the sand who refuse to believe anything other than what is told to them by their govermaceutical overlords. For today, the final and 3rd article, I want to take a look at a report directly emanating from a govermaceutical overlord- the World Health Organization. It's a doozy. I'm not going to go through the whole thing, but I'm going to explain the title of this video at the end- make sure you stick around for that.