Ep 34- 2 Questions You Must Ask Your Pediatrician

Thinking of vaccinating your new baby? Wondering how you you can choose the right pediatrician? Here are 2 questions you must ask your pediatrician before choosing them as a partner in your child's health. I'm Forrest Maready and this is my incredible opinion.

After spending the last few days looking at how little training those who vaccinate our kids get, I thought it would be a good time to give you new mothers and soon-to-be mothers out there a few questions to ask if you're looking for a good pediatrician to vaccinate your baby with. It's a good idea to meet with these guys ahead of time and get a feel for how they interact with you, how they practice medicine, etc. because there are a lot of vaccinations, and I mean a ton. Too many, actually. Anyway, as you look around and try and make the best decision about what's good for your future baby, I thought you might like having a quick, easy to understand guide in picking out a good pediatrician for your baby.