Ep 15- What if Monsanto Made Vaccines?

Have you heard of Monsanto, the chemical company? Would it scare you if they got into the pharmaceutical business? Why? I’m Forrest Maready and this is my incredible opinion.

Monsanto is a sustainable agriculture company that supports farmers all around the world. Merck is an international developer, manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals. How are they so different? What if I told you that Monsanto was getting into the pharmaceutical industry? Specifically, they're interested in developing vaccines. Their 115 years of scientific research have given them fresh insight into understanding how the human immune system deals with genetically modified material, and they want to put it to good use. They’re going to build on their RoundUp brand and kick things off with an MMR vaccine called RoundUp MMR. It’s so safe, you could ingest thousands of doses with no ill effects. It doesn’t even require a visit to the doctor- you can take it orally with the spray bottle, or use the pico-needle injection patch.