VAXBaby 14: The Hib Vaccine

Another vaccine that will be offered for your child at their 2-month checkup is the H.I.B. or Hib shot. HIB is an abbreviation of Haemophilus Influenza Type B. There are actually at least six different types of this bacteria, maybe more, but type B seems to be the one that can cause some problems, particularly with infants. Most people had never heard of it before vaccines for this infection began to come out around 1987—it was extremely rare. Actually, the infection was very common, but it rarely caused problems. In fact, most unvaccinated kids develop immunity to type B by the time their five and their parents don’t even realize it. For some reason, the most dangerous reaction to the infection, meningitis, which is when the lining of your brain becomes inflamed, is 4 times more common in black children.