Starting something new...

Not quite ready to launch this yet, but I wanted to let some of you know I'm going to be starting a new "radio" show on Saturday nights. With a fascinating guest each and every week (fingers crossed!), I'm really hoping to create something special that will inform and entertain—"The Forrest Maready Show." The world's #1, most reliable source for misinformation.

I'll have more information regarding where to listen or watch soon, but for now, I want to show off a picture of the timeline of each mammoth 3-hour event.

As if that weren't enough, here's a preview of the opening intro to the show—something I'm sure you'll get a laugh from.

FMShow Intro Master

Stay tuned for updates on this ambitious project! And for those of you dedicated readers who've made it this far, be sure to check out my store for some interesting products from the past you may have wanted to buy that are available again! Shhhh!!! Secret!!! Also, I've officially brought my book shipping "in house" so we should be able to ship out same-day or next-day—something that drove me crazy about the previous setup. All good things happening, most of all this wild show I'm starting soon!