CDC makes ready the Final Solution

CDC officials have completed their 7th COVID-19 vaccine related pivot and are now making the suggestion that those who have been "fully" vaccinated for COVID-19 may have their freedoms back. And by "freedoms," they mean not having to wear a mask or social distance. The destruction of the economy will continue apace until universal basic income and socialized healthcare are deemed essential to any economic recovery.

Local health officials congratulate man on being fully vaccinated.

For those of us who have followed this possibility for years, the recent months have been unsurprising except the for the lack of tone-change that occurred between the Trump and Biden presidencies. Given the ideological chasm that apparently separate both men and/or their handlers, one might have expected there would have been a more stark difference between the way in which the vaccine rollout was handled. Unfortunately, governmaceutical overlords control the majority of United States health policy and are ram-rodding their desire for universal vaccination through no matter who is President.

When I suggested the U.S. Constitution needed a new amendment back in 2016, I'm sure people thought I was being a bit dramatic by suggesting the urgent need for protection from compelled medical procedures. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that in four short years we would be staring down the barrel (so to speak) of an experimental vaccine that would determine whether we were able to participate in everyday activities like going to movies, shopping malls, or even church.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Yet here we are and this very thing is already happening just as we feared in Israel and parts of it in other countries. It is only a matter of time, I'm afraid. The hysteria machine, the fear merchants, they were very effective and until we are able to create a new community that worships God and not the altar of pseudo-science, we will find ourselves with yellow stars adorning our clothing and businesses.

Not to worry! We will survive. We will not be able to call ourselves citizens of America or Amerika or whatever they decide to rename it. We will split off, peacefully I hope, and form a new nation which is different in many different ways—not just our wholesale rejection of vaccines. Our hospitals may be denied their anesthetics and antibiotics and other medicines so we will have to plan for that. Not fun, I know, but this will be the reality moving forward for those of us who deny the needle (and many other things).

If you're interested in the policy paper, here's a link to it:

Public Health Recommendation for Fully Vaccinated 3-7-21 3 Pm Clean | Diseases And Disorders | Health Policy