National Guard in Dallas, TX roams streets, looking for arms to inject

Things always seem crazy when you say them ahead of time. They always sound outlandish until you actually see it happening. Then they don't. It's a painless transition for the ignorant, who are so fortunate in many ways.

Things always seem crazy when you say them ahead of time. They always sound outlandish until you actually see it happening. Then they don't. It's a painless transition for the ignorant, who are so fortunate in many ways. For those of us Conspiracy Theorists® who take the time to try and understand things, it can be painful.

For years, those of us who warned about a dystopian future of mandatory vaccines were met with ridicule and eye-rolling. "That will never happen here," I was told many a time. "What are they going to do—have vaccine police driving around in vans to make people take a vaccine?" they might snipe back at me, an intent at sarcasm that failed.

Over the past year, frequent discussions of "Vaccine Passports" have become so commonplace that no one even bats an eye at it. What would've got you labeled as a quack or tin-foil hat-wearing idiot is now so widely accepted, it's thought of as an inevitability. You would have been crazy just months ago. Now you're a regular contributor to MSNBC. But vaccine police? That still gets you crazy looks. We're still too early on that one.

But not for long, it might appear. In Dallas, Texas, National Guardsmen were recently tasked with roaming the city in search of suckers willing to be injected with the experimental gene therapy drugs known as "Coronavirus vaccines." They were properly kitted out in fatigues, black masks, surgical gloves, and a stash of syringes that were burning a hole in their cargo pants pockets. It's hard to imagine the health and military officials that thought the optics on this would be good, but obviously, it passed the sniff test for them and next thing you know, soldiers with syringes are walking around Dallas, Texas, "offering" people a coronavirus vaccine.

Now I grew up here in eastern North Carolina where flyovers by F-18s and C-130s and other military aircraft from nearby Seymour Johnson Air Force Base are routine. Nor is it uncommon to see convoys of military trucks and Humvees rolling down the interstate. With the Army's Fort Bragg and the Marine's Camp Lejeune also nearby, we are surrounded by armed forces. I am not alarmed at their presence and, as a patriotic American, am usually encouraged by their toughness and professionalism.

However, the moment that I see uniformed soldiers walking around with surgical gloves and syringes in hand, I become concerned. The crazy gets a little closer. In the video clip below, the solders and their handler appear friendly and eager to help whomever wants a vaccine—and I expect that's all that is happening at this time. But, again, the optics...

If you think I'm crazy for suggesting the recent $400 million earmarked for Public Health Americorps may eventually wind up funding uniformed personnel not "offering" the vaccine, but "strongly suggesting it" or "tracking you down where you work and strongly suggesting you take the vaccine or else things will get very difficult for you in the near future and you're likely to be admitted to jail but you can't stay in the jail without the vaccine so you can either pay the $600/night fee to stay in the special quarantine facility for those who can afford it or be forced to take it before they put you in jail," then I suggest you watch this video and just imagine where things might go in those states which are not aggressively pushing back against vaccine mandates.

Accepted the "offer."

Again, crazy is often being right, but just too early. I'm suggesting now that there are states where armed, uniformed personnel may track you down and "strongly suggest" you get the vaccine. Is that too crazy? Notice I didn't say "force you to get the vaccine." That might be too far for some people. Those who think I'm crazy for suggesting this may happen probably think it's actually a good idea—a sentiment which will make their eventual acceptance of this as a reality even easier.

Unsure of whether offer is a good fit for him.

Watch that Public Health Americorps. Lots of interesting developments there. I believe it will be a Federal program and I'm looking forward to the inevitable clash between the free states and the Americorps personnel tasked with increasing vaccine uptake. That may be your Fort Sumter. South Carolina is looking like they'll be one of the free states.

Interesting times, indeed.