It's happening—The United States map may soon be changing.

I've been hinting for a year or two now that the state maps we have all grown up with may change soon as counties within states controlled by their liberal city centers attempt to join their more conservative neighbors. Just this week, seven counties in Oregon voted to leave their home state and join neighboring Idaho—a state with values and ideals much closer to that of their constituents.

This is not a done deal as there are a few other layers of approval it would have to go through—notably the Democrat-controlled Congress, a body of legislators likely to reject such a move, knowing the halo-effect it would likely create.

Behold the sunny beaches of Idaho

This particular move may be squashed by Democrats but it will continue to fester and grow until these counties will just ignore what the official law is and do it any way. The law, like the Constitution and other U.S. legal documents, only works when people believe in it and respect it. There is a breaking point for everyone, even those in law enforcement, and at some point government legislators will lose the support of a Sheriff here and there. One of them will have such overwhelming support of his local citizens that he will announce he is no longer abiding by the code of Oregon but instead Idaho. They may turn in their patrol cars or will print new Idaho signage and place it on their vehicles. New badges will be issued.

One Sheriff is all it will take. The others will be emboldened and follow suit, soon after and before you know it, you may be visiting the beautiful sunny beaches of Idaho—something I never thought I would say—without or without the approval of Congress.

This is just one of many moves that is likely to take place over the next couple of years. Some of Virginia may secede into West Virginia. Some of North Carolina may secede into South Carolina or Tennessee. The Senate may vote these sorts of secessions down, but the will of the people cannot be thwarted forever.

The future "United" states of America?

I'm looking forward to these exciting events, should they happen. Our "United" states is so far from being united. The federal government is long overdue for a spanking. Keep these counties in your prayers as they seek to fulfill the self-determination that was so crucial in this nation's founding.

Other attempts will be coming soon, driven in large part by vaccine mandates. They may fail initially, but don't lose hope. It's part of the process—a marathon, not a sprint.

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