Here comes the Booster!

It's been just a few months and vaccine manufacturers and public health officials are already talking up—not only the likelihood, but necessity of—getting booster coronavirus shots.

Did you ever go snow skiing and make sure to never cut off the lift ticket once you got home? You know, to make sure everyone knew you had been skiing? I think I had a jacket that had three or four of them on there—I was so proud of that thing I probably wore it to the beach.

Anyway, it appears that all of those corona-vaccine band-aid selfie-takers are going to be in heaven because there are going to be a LOT of shots for them to show everyone. It's been just a few months and vaccine manufacturers and public health officials are already talking up—not only the likelihood, but necessity of—getting booster coronavirus shots.

Here they come to chuff the booster
"It is extremely important to suppress the pool of people that can be susceptible to the virus," Bourlas told CNBC's Bertha Coombs during an event with CVS Health. He added that vaccines will need to be used to combat not just COVID, but the evolving mutant strains - or "variants."

But I thought this was going to let us see grandma and grandpa? I thought it was safe to go outside again? I'd call this a bait-and-switch but that would be too humiliating to fish. Anyone with half of a brain (which are very few of us, apparently) could tell you that the vaccines would change nothing and that—like masks—they would only draw people deeper into the fear pool. I've been collecting all of my friend's posts about things returning to normal and how they can't wait to do this and that now that they've had this or that vaccine. Nothing has changed other than perhaps they've changed the magic feather they're holding from a mask to a mask and vaccine. I seriously pity the fools who seriously thought that somehow a shot or two was going to make everything perfect again.

The cold shoulder. In style for 3 weeks, which is 2 weeks longer than your coronavirus vaccine. Will also make boosters easier.

If you're new to vaccine development, they suck. They've never worked well, if at all, and even if they did work a tiny bit, they never worked for long (and cause neurological and auto immune issues along the way). Like many other viruses, the COVID-19 will mutate, making that vaccine you got last week useless. But everyone seemed to think that if they got in line, waited 4 hours, and machine-gunned a million selfies all over the internet, then they could wipe coronavirus into oblivion and phooey on anyone who didn't do the same. Just like polio! Ah, the good ole days when everyone banded together and wiped infantile paralysis off the face of the earth (a completely fabricated story I cover in my book, The Moth in the Iron Lung).

Not a good look, Hippocrates.

It's not the 1950s anymore. The Fear Merchants are now in control and vaccines have become the most potent tool in their kit of terror. I know someone who was supposed to go on a fishing trip this weekend but was asked by his friends (all of whom have already been vaccinated for coronavirus) if he would get a COVID-19 test before he could come. Out on the open ocean, full of sunshine and wind, and a couple of fully-vaccinated (no such thing, really) dudes are refusing someone admission if they don't have a negative COVID test. This is what fear will do to you—it will ruin you, make you do stupid things that any normal person should be ashamed of.

So, sleeves up, stupid people! Here comes the booster! And another. And another. You may never hug or sing again in peace, but at least there will always be another band-aid selfie you can impress your friends with—if the coronavirus doesn't kill you first.

A men's shirt which will soon be very in fashion
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