Gates Foundation Vaccine-maker blows the whistle on COVID shots

I've seen a lot of concerning material coming out about the slew of coronavirus "vaccines" which are being administered to millions of people throughout the world. I'm planning on doing an entire MIO video on my current take on these demonic shots but in the meantime, if you aren't sufficiently terrified of these injections, you could do worse than to watch this interview with Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche.

Dr. Bossche, a former GAVI (Global Vaccine Alliance) and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation vaccine designer and inventor, has come out speaking strongly against the widespread use of these vaccines during an active pandemic, supposing that the amount of selective pressure being placed upon virus mutation at this time is so great that it will inevitably create monster variants which will wreak havoc upon the world.

I actually think he's underselling the danger by proposing this phenomenon is only likely during an active pandemic when, in reality, it could happen anytime a new mutation is created—pandemic or not. Regardless, this interview should be required viewing for any doctor or public health official who is curious about the possible side effects of mass vaccination during an active pandemic.

One of the most terrifying statements he makes? "I think we are close to vaccine resistance right now."

It's March, 2021. The vaccines have been out for 4 months. And they're already useless?

We've got problems.