Episode 05– The Forrest Maready Show: with Dr. Greg Brannon!

Starting at 9pm EST, March 23rd, Episode 05 of my new show should be playing, streaming, and otherwise doing damage to those who are afraid of the truth directly below. With special guest Dr. Greg Brannon, an amazing MD of over 30 years who quit his job rather than wear the COVID mask of hysteria. How awesome is that?

If the video isn't playing for you, try refreshing your browser occasionally or hitting the "Play" button in the middle of the video thumbnail. Also make sure you try hitting the "Live" button on the video player if it's past 9pm EST and nothing interesting seems to be happening. I don't think the video starts automatically.

Links to the Podcast version of the episode will appear hear as soon as they're uploaded and available. You can look for "The Forrest Maready Show" on Apple or Spotify Podcasts and it should show up there, although I don't expect they'll like what I have to say!