Ep 237: Where To Now, Believers?

I’ve often said this will be like the Amish 2.0, and I hope you can start to see that I was serious. Many of us are going to have to move. We are going to have to leave friends and family behind to form new communities, new tribes, where our faith is treasured and our beliefs are respected.

No video or audio this week, friends.

I wrote several months ago about how the world was forking—how you can divide most of humanity in half by asking them if they think if everyone was created equal, or if everyone was created differently. Where you fall on this one question can explain nearly all of the political strife and spiritual battles that are happening across the world right now.

I’m sure you’ve seen the latest vaccine discrimination orders popping up throughout the world. Slovenia, Latvia, Austria, and soon Germany (and possibly Czechoslovakia) are segregating the unvaccinated away from everyone else. Keeping them from public spaces, public services, and even gas stations in some cases. The worst things people like me were warning about years ago are now coming true. You can take your conspiracy hats off now. Crazy is just being right too early. And now that the time has arrived, I suppose we can no longer consider ourselves crazy.