Double-vaccinated Nanny!

After leaving an epic +2-hour tennis match (in which I squeaked out a 3rd set victory), I couldn't help but overhear the four women taking the court after me. "I finally found a double-vaccinated nanny!" one of them remarked, punching their fist into the air for dramatic effect. "I'm still gonna make her wear a mask."

"I wish I could find one," the other lady said in apparent exasperation as her search for a double-vaccinated nanny had, so far, come up short.

The mother was in her forties, where a COVID-19 infection poses minimal risk. No idea on the age of her nanny but they are typically in their 20s where, again, there is essentially zero risk from a coronavirus infection. Her children, young enough to need a nanny, are even less likely to suffer from any ill effects but, regardless, she felt it her immunological duty to ensure her children (and ostensibly herself) were protected from the non-existent hard a coronavirus infection might cause them.

Needless to say, it's unknown if any of the coronavirus shots out there prevent the spread of infection. Other shots (such as the Pertussis/Whooping Cough shot—the "P" in DTaP and TDaP shots) are unable to prevent much spread but simply offer the chance an infection will be less problematic. To suggest you are protecting others by getting a coronavirus shot is like believing getting snake anti-venom will protect others from getting bitten by a snake. Obviously, that's not how things work and vaccines sometimes do nothing to protect others. And because of this, they don't contribute to herd immunity in any way, so it's likely all this talk of herd immunity is meaningless.

Even if the vaccine did contribute to herd immunity, it would only do it while it works, which is apparently just a few months. So the herd immunity number in a given state or country is only as high as how many people were doubly-vaccinated in the last couple of months. That number is never likely to get over 20-30% but I'm sure if something good happens they'll give the vaccine credit for it. Regardless, this Maria Sharapova-in-a-mask wants her children doubly-protected from an innocuous coronavirus infection via a double-dose of Bill Gate's demon juice and a mask. No word on whether she will insist her nanny double or triple mask for added protection.

I'm sure that by now, you realize we are surrounded by idiots who are unable to think independently other than to amplify whatever fear their favorite media outlet has implanted in their tiny brain. I hope these people run far away and want no part of our next city, county, state, or nation. We won't live in fear like they are accustomed and hopefully, we'll ban masks and vaccines—singly or doubly!