Show Debut this Saturday Night + Call for Questions/Comments

I'm going to do a dry run of my new show this Saturday night, February 24th, LIVE at 9pm EST. You can listen in on Twitter if you follow me there, or I'll put up a link to the Rumble video feed here on my website. I'm guessing you could search for my name on Rumble and find me directly on their site.

If you're unable to listen/watch live, I'll publish the show here on my website soon after (maybe a day or so later). Finally, the show will go out as a podcast to Apple Podcasts and Spotify. I'm hesitant to direct you there because I will likely get canceled from those platforms but who knows? Maybe I'll make it a few months.

While I aim to have guests most of the time, this debut episode will be just me—and possibly you! I'd like to practice having some questions from listeners. I've set up a Show phone number (910) 807-7200 where you can text me or call-in and leave a voicemail. Either are fine. If you leave a voicemail, I will assume it's okay to play it on the show.

For now, I won't be answering the phone so you can call in during the show without worrying about interrupting me (I hope).

Regardless, if you have a question you'd like to hear my thoughts on, please call the number and ask away. Or text me a question. Or just let me know what your thoughts are on something. Your incredible opinion, even. You don't have to wait until the show is live—you can do it right now.

Your questions will help push the show along without a guest and give me a better of idea of what kinds of things you might want to hear about. Many thanks for your help on this, and I'm looking forward to this Saturday night (February 24th) at 9pm.

Wish me luck.